Manage, plan and control the production of your workshop

Definitely take control, professionalize your workshop and start planning your production without surprises.
Define your team, assign the daily production capacity of each person to one or more Departments.
Create your Machines, establish the tasks they can perform, their daily production times and designate their operators.
Adapt the fixed and variable times of the different tasks to your business and define personalized variations based on the properties of each job.
Enter your work orders manually or import them from stored jobs.
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Who is Wikku for?

Developed especially for companies and professionals who work with personalized and recurring products.
Work clothes
promotional gift
trophies and engravings
Any business with custom products

detailed features

Means of production

Configure your production capacity

Knowing and configuring your production capacity is the first step to achieving realistic production planning.
Production times

Define the fixed and variable times of your tasks

Once our production capacity is known, we will establish the times for each task and its variations.

Fixed and variable times

You can define a fixed time and a variable time for each task. The fixed times include the assembly, disassembly and cleaning necessary for each job, and the variable time will be the time necessary to produce each unit.

simultaneous production

It is possible to configure machines that simultaneously produce several units at the same time as embroiderers or DTG printers. We can modify this parameter in production if a spindle, for example, is damaged.

custom variations

Depending on the properties of each job, we can predefine variations in fixed and/or variable times for each task. This will allow us, for example, to add time to each job if the screen printing is on the sleeve, or if there are several colors, or depending on the number of stitches, etc...

Times by means of production

We can define these fixed and variable times for each means of production or department, establishing different times if, for example, the folding and/or bagging is done by one person, one machine or another, or is outsourced to a subcontractor.

Default production medium

For each type of task we can predefine a default means of production that we can change at any time in order to make the most of the available production resources.

Adapt the times to your reality

Wikku helps you set the times for each type of task by informing you about industry standards. You will be able to refine them according to the results obtained, to achieve a planning adapted to your workshop.
Production Order

Enter your orders to plan production

Once our production capacity has been established and the times have been configured, we only need to report the jobs and tasks to be carried out so that Wikku begins to work its magic.
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Production Order

Create your orders from jobs already stored or create them manually by selecting the product, units, tasks to be carried out and the means of production to be used.

committed dates

Define committed delivery dates in the orders to obtain a forecast of their fulfillment and take the necessary measures in time to meet the agreed deadlines.

team production

Involve your staff by updating live the status of each task, sharing the progress with the entire team and recording the entire production process of your business.

Avoid mistakes in repetitions

Directly access stored images, videos, and documents of the job to avoid errors in retakes and deliver the order as the customer expects.

Complete the documentation

Turn the production order into a stored job, adding photos, videos or any information about the work done on the spot to avoid errors in future repetitions.

Get live forecasts

Know what is happening in your production center, what each department is doing, each person, what is starting, what is ending and what is being delayed.
We evolve with your business

This is not over...

Our production module continues to evolve with the suggestions and comments of our users, we are continuously developing the functionalities that can help you in your day to day.

Times by means of production [ Completed ]

The times for a task can be defined for each means of production, so that, for example, different fixed and variable times can be established for the "Bending" task if it is carried out by people, by a machine or by an auxiliary workshop.

Fixed tasks per product or order

Fixed tasks can be defined in configuration at the beginning and/or at the end of each order created, such as "Risk review", "Quality control" or "Notify the customer". In the same way, tasks can be established for each group of tasks associated with a product such as "Review stocks" or "Buy from supplier".

task subdivision

It can be configured that a task can be subdivided into two or more tasks. For example, a task like "Sublimation" will automatically be split into a "Print" task and an "Iron on" task, each of which can be assigned to different departments or machines.

Custom statuses per task

Custom status names can be established for each task, so that, for example, for the task "Purchase from supplier" we can define "Pending / Purchased / Received"

Schedules per person, machine or subcontractor

We can define non-business dates or periods both for people or subcontractors (holidays, sick leave...) and for machines (breakdowns, maintenance...). This information will allow us to obtain a calculation that is more adjusted to reality in the forecasts.

What does your business need to start?

Tell us! We are looking forward to hearing your needs and suggestions to develop this functionality that can really help you on a day-to-day basis.
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