Get your customers receive their orders as expected

Wikku unifies and organizes all the knowledge of your business, digitizing all the information and details about your personalized and recurring jobs.
Avoid mistakes, repetitions and build customer loyalty by getting them to receive their products as expected.
Centralize all that information scattered through hundreds of transparent covers, notes, emails, WhatsApp, photos on mobile devices or folders within folders on your computer.
Organize the knowledge of your business in a hierarchical way at the level of each client, each job or even each task.
Involve your team in this process by sending documents, photos or videos from their own WhatsApp or email.
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Who is Wikku for?

Developed especially for companies and professionals who work with personalized and recurring products.
Work clothes
promotional gift
trophies and engravings
Any business with custom products

detailed features

Workflow in Wikku

How information is organized on Wikku

Each job is unique and is defined by the client for whom we do it, the product that is personalized and each of the personalization or manipulation tasks that we carry out.
Wikku allows us to store any document, image or video in a hierarchical way at the client, job or task level. For example, we would file a Corporate Identity Manual at the client level, a simulation or final arts at the work level and a photo of the final result of each of the customizations or work carried out we would put it at the level of its respective task .


Finally, the works are made up of tasks , where each one would correspond to the different personalization techniques used (screen printing, embroidery, DTF...) and/or manipulations (folding, bagging, arrangements, labeling...). The properties of the tasks will also allow us to specify variables such as size, position or number of colors.
System and custom catalogs

Products and materials

At Wikku, we call products the articles on which we apply the different customization or manipulation tasks, and materials the consumables we use in the process. Products are, for example, promotional garments or objects and vinyl materials , screen printing inks or embroidery threads.
screen printing and embroidery colors

system products

So that you can easily and accurately define the product on which the work is carried out, Wikku incorporates and keeps updated a database of the references, descriptions and official names of colors of the largest distributors and manufacturers of textiles and promotional gifts.

custom products

Of course you can also create your own products and define their variants (color, thickness...) and optionally you can group the products into catalogs and sub-catalogues.
For a limited time and at no cost, we can import your own product database, with your references, into Wikku. Contact us if you are interested!

System Materials

We also incorporate ready-to-use products, codes and official color charts from the most renowned manufacturers of textile vinyls, embroidery threads and screen printing inks. This way you can document exactly what material and what color was used in each job.

custom materials

You can create unlimited your own personalized materials. For example, in screen printing to register your most common ink mixtures and incorporate notes on the proportions used in the mixture. Or you can also create your catalog of tapes, colored or reflective, used in the personalization of work clothes.

More products and more materials!

The catalog does not stop growing and we already have more than 120 brands of products and materials.
If you can't find your favorite brand, you can inform us using a simple form and, if it is of general interest, we will do our best to make it available as soon as possible.

everything is contemplated

Every day always shows us that there are exceptions and we must adapt. Wikku contemplates special cases such as when the personalization itself is the product, for example embroidered patches, or when the product on which we work is the property of the client.
Document management of work

Accurately detail your jobs and tasks

Once we have the client and the product defined, all that remains is to document the list of tasks for each job. They can be customization techniques, manipulated, arrangements or create the ones you need.


We call each customization or manipulation technique applied to a product a task. For example, a T-shirt might have a screen print on the chest as the first task, a vinyl on the back as the second task, and a certain fold and bag, as the third and fourth tasks.


Each task can have different properties associated with it that expand and detail the information. For example, the screen printing task is configured with the properties position, size and number of colors; the embroidery task, in addition to the previous ones, also includes the number of stitches; and the bagged task only has the bag size property associated with it.

Create your tasks and properties

The application comes with the most common tasks and properties preconfigured so that you can start working from the first moment.
Wikku allows you to modify, hide or delete these tasks or properties and, of course, create all the ones you may need to adapt to your business processes.

Materials employed

You can set a default material for each task. For example, if you always use a certain brand and series for textile vinyl tasks, this will be offered to you whenever you select the task. You can do the same, for example, with embroidery threads, screen printing inks, printing vinyl... Remember that wikku comes preloaded with the most common materials and color charts in the industry.

Easily capture your work

Add the Wikku number to your mobile contacts, register your phone in the application, open a WhatsApp Chat and start easily sending images or videos of your work directly to your account. Any photo you send to chat appears in your Wikku account .
Involving your team is that simple!
We also have a bot for Telegram and another bot for extracting email attachments.

Work technical sheet

Generate a Technical Work Sheet, personalized with your logo, with the information: client, product and all the details of each task including images.
Minimize errors by consulting it during the production process or use it to gain acceptance for repeat orders from your customers.
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