approvals platform

Manage from Wikku the approval by your clients of your simulations or final arts, recording all the details.
Create an approval request for your client by attaching the documents and details on which you need their agreement.
In the shared link, only your client will be able to review the details and documents of the work, send you comments or request changes to your proposal.
From your Wikku account you will be able to reply to him, update documents and inform him of changes.
All events, including final approval, will be recorded so you can work with peace of mind.
In the face of any incident, you always have to reach an agreement, but it is not the same to do it when we have made a mistake than when the error is the client's and it is also documented.
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Who is Wikku for?

Developed especially for companies and professionals who work with personalized and recurring products.
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Any business with custom products

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approvals platform

Work more calmly

Records the process from request creation to customer approval.

Create your request

Create the approval request for your client with detailed work information: product, variant and list of customization and/or manipulation tasks, colors, sizes, positions, etc... Also attach any document you need to validate: simulations, arts finals and/or budget.
Now, you can use our templates to inform your client via email or WhatsApp of the start of the process or of the updates that are taking place.

share the request

Through the link that we have provided, our client will be able to access the mini-web that Wikku creates for each request.
After correctly identifying himself, he will be able to access, review all the information and documents that you have provided, send you comments and finally approve your request.
From your private area you will be able to control the entire process, responding to their comments, modifying documents and informing your client of new updates.

record the process

Wikku records all the events of the process on a timeline: when it was created, when the web was accessed, how the client was identified, all the comments received and sent; which documents were opened or updated and, of course, the final approval.
This record remains forever stored in your account and accessible for consultation from Wikku's production management or job documentation functionalities.

internal commercials

Through role management, Wikku can be configured so that, when accessing the application, a user can only access the clients for which they have been configured as responsible, their jobs and their approvals.
This user can participate with their comments in the approval process, and even, as account manager, they can be required to give their final approval to the process.

Customize your approvals

Wikku creates a public mini-web for each of your requests. We use the anonymous domain . From your user profile you can customize the subdomain with the name of your company.
Professionalize your business by also incorporating your logo, which will appear on the mini-web of each approval request

nothing ever happens until it happens

We strive every day to do our job well and satisfy our customers beyond reason.
But if one day, the viability of your business is put at risk by an error for which you are not responsible, rest assured that having the client's approval documented, in addition to demonstrating your professionalism, can undoubtedly help you.
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